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Choose Diamond Card


Choose Diamond Card

Instant cash when you need it most

Choose Diamond Card

Your alternate choice of financial freedom. You deserve something better.
No limitations. Access to instant money which you can spend safely and easily everyday. Designed to give you complete control. Manage your own destiny.

Diamond Prepaid Card

A reloadable prepaid card with the convenience, freedom, and control you need. Pay bills or use it for everyday purchases, it has all the features of the debit card and everybody is eligible. Get a Diamond Debit Card today.

Diamond Debit Card

The debit card that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a standard debit card for everyday purchases or a premium card with access to private banking, you need Diamond Debit card.

Diamond Credit Card

Get the financial freedom you deserve.
The Diamond Credit Card offers exceptional benefits, rewards, services and spending power that can help make your financial and personal dreams come true.

How does Diamond Card work for you?

With Diamond Card you can enjoy the freedom to manage your finances
all from one account with the option to open additional Prepaid,
Debit, or Credit Card accounts as needed.
Conveniently manage your finances from your mobile device and use our
mobile app to make credit card purchases at participating retailers.
Your nearest participating retailer is your one stop for deposits and
withdrawals at the same time when you pay for your groceries.
It may be difficult keep track of your finances, but with your Diamond
Card you can easily keep track of every purchase.
Access your account online to view your balance and transaction
details, create or schedule payments. All transactions generate a SMS
notification sent to your mobile device.
Apply for a $200 Purchase Cushion on your Prepaid or Debit Card for
any unexpected purchases. The cushion amount will depend on the
historical turnover and usage of the card.
Free monthly service fees! Only pay a 1% transaction fee when you use
your Diamond Card

Ready to bank your way? Order a card now and receive it from 21 business days!

  • No credit check for Diamond Prepaid and Debit Cards.
  • No minimum balance.
  • No activation fee.
  • Only a one time fee of $50 for your personalized Diamond Card with no fixed banking costs!



Your Money. Your Way.

Sometimes money can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. With a Diamond Prepaid Card, a Diamond Debit Card or a Diamond Credit Card you choose the options that fit your life best, giving you the freedom and control to do your banking your way.

Your life does not belong to your bank, so why should your money?

Order your Diamond Credit Card now and receive it within 21 business days.
Participate Securely on the alternate Diamond Network.

Ready to Apply?

  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • No activation fee.
  • Pay $50 for your personalised Credit card.
  • No Credit check for Debit and PrePaid cards.
  • Please Note that a credit check will be performed for Credit Card Applications.

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